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Leadferret.com Website Review & Ratings + Lead Ferret Coupons

Do you want a FREE resource or records to be used in your business to increase sales or for whatever purpose you might have like the ones given below?

  1. Email address of individuals with every record
  2. Social media links with many records
  3. The company name and address of people

And with regards to these free records, do you want to have the following capabilities?

  1. Save your searches
  2. Transfer contacts to SalesNexus CRM and email marketing solution
  3. Build lists of target contacts and companies
  4. Score and leave comments on any record
  5. Stay up to date on new features as they are added
  6. Be notified when new data is available within your target audience

Look no further than LeadFerret - the world's first company to offer free business to business (B2B) data with complete information that you need to generate leads. So, readers, no need to bring out your credit cards. This site is 100% free.

Lead Ferret: What makes it different?

Let's get into the specifics about Lead Ferret - what makes it such a great site and what needs to be improved.

The Pros of Lead Ferret

  1. It is 100% Free - this really is Lead Ferret's main selling point - where its competitors are charging huge sums of money for their services, Lead Ferret opts to open its doors to its clients free of charge. You have access to the company's database of records 24/7.
  2. Huge database - Lead Ferret has a huge database of companies and people complete with details about their contact information. This is very valuable especially for those who want to expand their business.
  3. Detailed Information - If you create a free account with Lead Ferret, you would be able to access the information stored in their database. From the information given based on the search you entered, you could get the phone number, email address, company and lots more from millions of individuals.
  4. It has an easy to use interface - upon registration, users get access to a very easy to use dashboard wherein you could conduct your searches about different kinds of information.

Let's take a look at the dashboard of Lead Ferret once you are a member:

*It is easy to make a search with Lead Ferret

*You will get a lot of results from your searches

*You will get detailed information if you click on individual items that have shown up in the results.

Probably, you are thinking that Lead Ferret is too good to be true. Lead Ferret is for real my friends but of course, it ain't perfect.

The Cons of Lead Ferret

  1. Lead Ferret is still in its Beta stage - this means that the company is still a work in progress and there may be some bugs that need to be fixed.
  2. No Copy-paste - Lead Ferret does not allow information to be copied and pasted as you cannot highlight the pertinent information given to you. This means that you could not gather lots of information about people at once. Sending emails to your leads would be a painstakingly slow process.
  3. Limited downloads - you could download an individual's information to a vcard file (that could be opened using Microsoft Outlook) depending on the number of credits you have. Initially, you have five download credits. Your credits increase by doing certain actions within LeadFerret.
Lead Ferret vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Lead Ferret)

There are a number of companies that are similar to Lead Ferret. However, none of them are offering free services as Lead Ferret does. Take a look at this list:

BusinessLeadCompany.com - This company produces different leads for any business who wants to increase their clientele. As stated in their website, Business Lead Company provides live leads unlike others who provide call or prospect lists only. However, they charge a huge sum of money for their services - $250.00 per targeted keyword. If you do not want to dish out that much money, you may want to look elsewhere.

lists.nextmark.com - lists.nextmark.com sells different mailing lists (mail, email, phone) to customers that are willing to buy the lists. You type in your target market, the website would give you the list, and you pay in order to get the information contained in the list. Again, the advantage of Lead Ferret over this competitor is the pricing.

email-lists1.com - This website has a huge list of emails to be downloaded in xls (excel) format. But they also charge a huge price to download the emails.

Lead Ferret: Pricing & packages

Pricing is one aspect which could probably make or break a company. Sony almost failed with the PS3 because of a wrong pricing strategy. Even the great company Apple made a pricing mistake in 1993 with their product "The Newton", a handheld device priced at around $700 at that time, which of course did not last long.

Lead Ferret on the other hand does not have that same kind of problem as the companies above. Why? Because it's free! It does not charge clients $250 per targeted keyword like Business Lead Company. It does not charge you $3,999 bucks to download an 82 million email list like email-lists1.com does. Heck it does not even charge you a couple of bucks for targeted email lists like lists.nextmark.com does. Well, how does Lead Ferret earn income you ask? It has some affiliates which helps it generate some revenue.

So, forget about your credit cards, forget about PayPal, forget about sending your checks because Lead Ferret offers you with invaluable information that contains email addresses, phone numbers and much more.

Lead Ferret: Product images & screenshots
Lead Ferret Coupons
Lead Ferret: Customer reviews & comments

There are no customer reviews scattered around the internet about Lead Ferret. However, there is news about it that could be found in the web. Yahoo had news about the website at the time that it was launched (September 2011). According to the news, Lead Ferret accumulated 5,000 members on the first month alone. As of the writing of this review, Lead Ferret has around 140,000 users and that number is increasing at a steady rate.

If you are a business man, a blogger, a sales agent, a website owner, a Multi-level Marketer or a networker, Lead Ferret's services really prove to be valuable. The website could provide you information that could lead to sales, increase traffic or build your contacts. However, based on the negatives that we have discussed earlier, the company is not programmed to cater to a marketing campaign that is targeted to thousands of users per day. You may still build a huge email/contact list using Lead Ferret but not as fast as its competitors that charge fees for their products and services.

All-in-all, I still give Lead Ferret 5 stars out of 5. Nothing beats free B2B services no matter what its negatives are. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

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Comments (7)

great writing style

Ranked #23 in

The images you provide with your review are very helpful!

Why us thus article not dated?

good. very leadfen.

It is leadfen. It is very good.

Oh wow! This must be an older version of the LeadFerret website! I'm pretty impressed with data quality and over experience of going to leadferret for leads! the new interface looks really good!
Oh wow! This must be an older version of the LeadFerret website! I'm pretty impressed with data quality and over experience of going to leadferret for leads! the new interface looks really good!
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